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What is included?
  • Actuator arm
  • Water resistant control box
  • 6' power cord from control box to actuator
  • Mounting hardware for round post and gate mounting
  • Radio Receiver
  • One radio transmitter (remote control device)
  • Installation manual
  • Two year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Timer to close
  • Easy plug in terminal strip for adding accessories
  • A built-in safety feature that reverses the gate on contact.

What is not included?

  • Low voltage wire for the control box to outlet power.
  • Installation tools
  • Hardware to mount to a square post.
  • The gate
  • Additional opening devices beyond the single supplied transmitter.

How long will it take to install?
A single operator will take normally 4-6 hours for installation. Your skill level is a factor of course.

Do I need special tools to install the unit?
Only common household tools should be required. A drill and steel bits, screwdriver, wrenches are all that are required. Running the low voltage wire is easy because it does not require a deep trench. This may be the hardest part of the installation though and on long runs you may want to hire someone with a trencher or cable-burying machine. The type used by cable or telephone companies are best because they bury the wire 6-8 inches and leave only a small dirt line which disappears in a few days. Why hand trench for hours when it takes only a minimal time with a trencher. You should be able to rent one if you want to tackle that part of the job.

Is there a special wire required for the power supply?
Yes. A 16 ga., two lead, twisted strand direct-burial wire. We sell the wire as an extra.

How far can the low voltage wire be run to an outlet?

Can I put a push button on the operator and control it from the house?
You can put one anywhere up to 1000' away from the control box. It would require the same low voltage wire as the main power. You can not use the same wire for the power and a push button.

Can I use any push button?
Yes, as long as it is not powered separately and it does not have a built-in light. A standard door bell button will work.

How can I run the power farther than 1000'?
You can't unless you place a relay device about 1000' from the control box that activates the operator and then provide a separate run to the push button which would require a separate power source at that end. We do not sell any such relay nor can we offer much more assistance for this special application. Keep in mind though that the normal application for a push button is getting power from the control box. Do not feed power back through to the control box from the push button end.

Are the receiver and transmitter compatible with my garage door opener?
No. You can purchase a garage door receiver adapter and a two-button transmitter from us to convert your garage door. See the accessories for prices and more information. We can not substitute the single button transmitter that comes with the unit.

What is a push-to-open application?
Most gates open in or towards your house or garage away from the road. If your gate swings out due to a rising driveway grade or original installation, the PRO4000XL gate operator is designed to pull-to-open OR push-to-open. Think in terms of a storm door closer device. It pulls the door shut. That is a pull-to-open application. Push-to-open is the opposite. The PRO4000XL uses the R4388 bracket which can be found on our accessories page.

What is a double swing gate?
It is a single gate opening with two swinging gates that meet usually in the center of the driveway where they latch together as opposed to a single swing gate that is one leaf hinged at one end and latching at the post at the other end.

Do I need two PRO4000XL's for a double swing gate?
No. The second operator can be a slave unit that is controlled from the same control box as the first unit. The slave is a PRO4200XL and is priced less than the first operator because all it includes is the actuator arm and a 50' control cable that must pass under the driveway and plug into the control box. It has the same capacity as the PRO4000XL.

What if I need a longer control cable?
The PRO4000XL requires a control cable from the actuator arm to the control box and the slave unit, PRO4200XL, requires one also. They are supplied with the purchase of each unit. The PRO4000XL has a 6' long cable and the PRO4200XL has a 50' long cable. The units can handle driveways up to 32' wide in a double swing gate situation. You must have enough cable to go down the post, across the driveway, and back up to the PRO4200XL. Since the operators are normally mounted mid-way up the height of the gate, figure enough cable to span the distance required. Cables can not be cut or spliced. The cable is a special cable only available from GTO, Inc. We can not support any custom application or the warranty would be voided. We do not substitute longer cables for the originals.

Can I snake the cable across the driveway through conduit?
Yes. The plug on one end of the cable is 1" diameter. The wire itself is only about 1/4". The cable is direct burial and does not require conduit.

Can I locate the control box further from the gate than the 6' supplied cable allows?
The cables for the PRO4000XL operator has 2 more wires than the replacement cables we currently stock. Replacement cables are not available at this time. If you need one call us and we'll set you up with one.

Can I return the operator(s)?
We will refund your entire purchase price within 30 days of purchase for any reason. You must call first for a return number and return everything in its original condition and the original boxes. Refunds will be given only when the unit(s) are received. We reserve the right to deduct any damages to products and packaging. You are responsible for shipping charges back to us and we advise insuring the item for its purchase price, since you and your shipping company are responsible until we receive the unit. You can require a signature on receipt from your shipping company to assure that in fact the unit was received from us in good condition. This only assures that the package was not damaged in transport from an exterior inspection. These items can ship UPS or US Mail.

After 30 days, the unit is subject to the manufacturer's warranty, and although we will help you with warranty claims, we have no warranty or return policy after the 30-day offer.

My operator worked great after the original installation but has quit working after one week. What is the problem?
Most likely cause: You have never supplied power to the unit. It has been operating on the battery and the battery is low to dead. The easiest way to check that is to flip the switch off located under the control box exterior cover. Then switch it back on. The gate should work one time only and you will have to repeat the process for it to work again. The operator has a 'low voltage lockout' feature that allows you to open or close it one more time. If it works that way try the following.

Check the transformer. Is it plugged in? Is the low voltage wire plugged in and attached properly at both ends? Is there power at the outlet? Did someone turn off the outlet at the fuse box or a switched outlet? Is the outlet surge protected? Check fuses. Check the fuses in the operator itself. There are small automobile-type fuses. Did someone cut the low voltage wire? Inspect it along its length. One 50-year-old, do-it-yourself lady lost power when a storm blew the trees that the wire was tied to and ripped the power supply wire in half. (That was a debugging nightmare by phone).

If I order, how long does it take to get it?
We stock the GTO operators and accessories. They ship by UPS and we even pay the shipping. By regular ground service it can take 1-5 days for you to receive it, depending on your location. Faster shipping is available, if you pay the additional freight, which can cost as much as $50.00 plus for next day delivery. We can not do next day delivery after 12:20 P.M. EST.

I received one package of two. Where is the rest of my order?
Some orders require multiple packages and unless you are paying for expedited service, we can not guarantee that all packages will arrive the same day. It is not unusual for UPS to separate packages in transit. Please allow another day for all packages to arrive. If you do not receive them then, please call us.

It appears the package has been damaged and pieces are missing. What should I do?
This happens rarely. Report it to the delivery driver if present. Call us immediately. We insure all operators when shipped. We will replace the damaged items immediately, but we need your assistance in filing the claim. Save the damaged products and packaging for a shipping representative to inspect and complete any forms they or we need as requested. In most cases, UPS will return the damaged goods to us before they deliver it to you.

My gate is hard to open and close by hand. Will the operator help this situation?
No. It may not even work. The gate must be level and gate posts plumb in order for the operator to work properly. If it requires two hands to move the gate, you have a problem that needs repaired first. Extremely heavy gates should also have ball bearing style hinges for best results.

Will you accept C.O.D. orders?

Will you accept pre-payment by check or money order?
Yes. We reserve the right to make sure checks clear before shipping products, unless they are certified.

What payments do you accept?
Any major credit card: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We will also accept check pre-payments. Do not send cash! All purchases are in US dollars.

Will this operator work on a slide gate?
No, but the GTO model SL-2000 will.

Does the operator hold the gate closed securely?
It will hold it closed firmly, but not securely. Someone could push hard enough to break the actuator arm or attaching hardware. Purchase the optional GTO electric lock for secure locking.

Will the PRO4000XL work on square OR round posts?

Will this operator work on any kind of swing gate?
Yes, as long as the gate is under 16' wide and 650 pounds (20' and 1000 lbs with optional HD hardware. The operator normally mounts in the center on the height of the gate. Some gates do not have anything to mount the arm to. You may have to install a piece of angle iron or center horizontal brace on the gate.

Will the PRO4000XL work on solid wood gates?
Solid gates can be a problem because the wind will add more resistance to the gate during opening or closing. This extra force can be enough to activate the built-in reversing safety feature. The operator misinterprets the extra weight as an obstruction. Although this sensitivity is adjustable, it can not compensate for all high winds and over-riding the safety feature all together defeats the purpose of having a safety feature. Although the operator works on solid gates, windy days will cause some aggravation. Never pass through the gate while it is moving.

Will deep snow be a problem?
It will be necessary to remove all obstructions in the path of the gate, including snow. It is not a snow plow. The built-in safety feature will reverse the gate when deep snow is encountered. Do not travel through a moving gate for this reason.

Can I add a safety electronic eye?
The PRO4000XL does not have an add-on accessory like an electric eye. One can be added easily as long as the power does not come from the GTO control board. This extra draw would run the battery down. We do sell electric eyes. An electric eye is a good safety device for any gate operator. If a vehicle or person should break the beam, the gate would stop moving or reverse. The problem with a swinging gate is where should the eye be located. If you place it across the gate opening, it does not protect the path of the gate. It would protect the pinch point at the gate latch post. To be thorough, two eyes would be required protecting both the opening and path. Few people install even one eye.

Can the operator be used for a swinging garage door?
We have had people purchase the operator for garage doors. You probably would have install it as a push-to-open application. We do not support garage door applications. Wind can also be a problem. See the FAQ above on solid gates.

Can the operator be installed on a lift gate?
Not out of the box. We do not support modification or use beyond the intended use of the product. We did some experimenting at the Fence Farm (tm). The safety feature that reverses the gate must be considered with lift gates. We tried counter-balances on the gate and did get it working quite well. We wouldn't recommend it though.

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