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GTO Digital KeypadHow do you allow guests to open your gate while still maintaining access control? With the weatherproof GTO Digital Keypad. The GTO Digital Keypad is face programmable for up to 25 different entry codes. Individual codes can be changed without affecting the other entry codes. For instance, you can give a delivery person a specific code to open your gate, and after the delivery you can change that code. The delivery person will no longer be able to use that code to gain access, however the other entry codes will still work for your other guests.

The digital keypad can be used as a wired or wireless installation for all GTO Automatic Gate Openers and can be used as a wired installation for the Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock. In a wired installation, the Digital Keypad can operate a garage door. In a wireless installation, the Digital Keypad can be used with any garage door opener that receives a 318 Mhz FM, signal, and it can also be used in conjunction with the GTO garage door receiver kit on any other garage door. The keypad requires 3 AA batteries. If the keypad is to be wired to the lock or gate opener, you will need to purchase 16 gauge, multi-stranded, low voltage wire.

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