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Raking & Stair-Stepping Panels

This is an ornamental 100% aluminum fence with welded gate construction and all stainless steel fasteners connecting pickets to the rails. The finish is a powder-coat surface with a lifetime warranty. This style, as well as others, are available in black, white or bronze.

It is fairly simple to install. The post holes only need be 6" diameter x 30-36" deep, so relatively small amount of concrete is required (gate posts should be 9-12" diameter). The panels are pre-assembled and posts are pre-routed for the rails.

The fence can be "raked" 12" over a 72 1/2" section to run on slopes. Slopes greater than 12" over 6' must be "stair-stepped" to follow the slope. Since the line and corner posts are pre-routed with holes on two sides of the posts, the holes will be in the wrong place on one side for "stair-stepping". In this case end posts must be ordered instead of line posts, so the other side holes can be "field" cut in the appropriate place. The aluminum posts cut easily with most metal blade hole saws. Just install the post using one end that is pre-routed with that side on the high side panel and calculate the drop for the next panel and cut the holes in the appropriate places for the next "stair-stepped" panel.

This photo depicts a slope that is less than 12" drop over 6' and although the fence appears to be level to the rear, it actually falls uniformly with each section "raked" so the top stays straight and looks good. The sections could not be installed perfectly level because that would leave excessive space at the rear allowing the family pet to escape. This is a concept that many homeowners do not readily understand. Check out this page on "raking" and "stair stepping" panels. You can have the fence close to the ground so "Fido" can't get out, or you can have it level. You can't have both unless each picket is longer than the last as the fence goes downhill. That is a difficult, custom installation that will cost you more in material and labor.

The photograph shows the residential style of aluminum that is not intended as a high security fence. The pickets, rails and posts are smaller sizes, both square and wall thickness, than the commercial grade in the same style. Also the near 4" spacing of the pickets and rail spacing may not meet local swimming pool codes.

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